The 3 things that will tell you if your boyfriend is lying

The painful part of being in a relationship is you are feeling that your boyfriend is lying to your face. The pain will reach your heart, and you will not be able to stop yourself from finding out the truth. It’s like a potion that will keep all your senses on high alert just to get the truth out of him. Here’s a little help. Check out the things that will tell you if your boyfriend is lying or probably cheating on you.

1. Warm Nose

Of course, it will be hard to check most especially if you are not in good terms. The best thing that you can do is try to believe in what he says. Once it has been established, give him a hug and kiss. Just make sure that your face can touch the tip of his nose so you would know if it is getting warm.

2. Wrap that leg

It is an automatic defense mechanism of the body when men lie. Unconsciously, they will somehow wrap their legs around the foot of the chair if you are trying to confront them and they are lying. Just make sure that it is not his usual mannerism so you can check if he is not telling you the truth.

3. Long Pause

When men lie, and you ask them a straight up question, they have the tendency to pause before answering. What’s worse is they also try to repeat your question before answering. It is an indication that they are still trying to stitch their lies on the back of their minds before they say it.

Before doing any of these three, assess how you feel. Ask yourself if you are feeling that there is something off that is giving you a hunch that he’s lying. Trust your guts because women intuition seldom fails.

The 3 signs if it’s the time to let go of the relationship

The hardest thing to do when you are in love is to let go. There are different circumstances why we do it. Maybe we are not just meant for each other, or there is a possibility that the relationship is no longer healthy for the couple. No matter how hard it is, we need to let go of the things that are not doing us good. Here are the hints that will tell you if it is the time for you to call it quits.

1. Different plans for the future

When we have our special someone, little by little, we are already planning some things for our future. If our plans just can’t match and what we want are just contradicting each other’s plans, the relationship is not bound to grow into a long lasting one.

2. Nothing is good enough

If you are in a relationship and consistently trying hard to make your partner happy, it is a good thing. What’s not good is if, despite all the things you have done, he or she can always find something wrong with it. It’s like there is nothing you can do that makes your significant other happy because they can always find faults in every action you make. Let go. Never close yourself in a relationship that knows no appreciation.

3. Starts the insecurities

Once we are in a relationship, we would always think that there is someone who will always support us. Our partner should be there no matter what to make sure that we can feel confident with ourselves. It shouldn’t be the other way around whereas they will be the one to cause our insecurities. Here’s an example. You consistently try to work out to look better, and all you can hear from your partner is that you are still fat. It will make you feel down instead of being motivated to do better.

If you are enduring these signs in your current relationship, it’s time to find your way out.…

The 3 effective ways to make a long distance relationship work

Being in a relationship is fun but challenging. It’s because there will be a lot of trials that will come our way. It will test us and the kind of love we have for each other. One of the most stressful situations you can be in is with a long distance relationship. I’m not saying that it will not work it’s just that the level of difficulty will be double compared to couples who are together. It’s not impossible to make things work out even if you are not at each other’s side. Check these effective ways on how you can make a long distance relationship work.

1. Refrain from too much communication

All things that are too much are bad. Yes, you are apart, but it doesn’t mean that you have to be in constant contact 24/7. It will just make you both tired and wary of each other. There should always be some time for you to miss one another.

2. Straighten things out

It is necessary to know where you stand if you are in a long distance relationship. Talk things over and make sure that you know if you are exclusive to each other or is alright for the both of you to go out on dates. A relationship with no label is not a good way to have a successful long distance affair.

3. Right Communication

It is true that we should not smother one another by talking non-stop, but it is important for a couple to have means of communication on a regular basis. The basic things you should send are the greetings. Sending a good morning message as soon as you wake up will send a message that he or she is the first person you think about.

Individuals who are strong enough to get through a long distance relationship are bound to have a more long and lasting relationship. It’s not easy, and it will take a lot of courage from the both of you to stay strong.