The 3 signs if it’s the time to let go of the relationship

The hardest thing to do when you are in love is to let go. There are different circumstances why we do it. Maybe we are not just meant for each other, or there is a possibility that the relationship is no longer healthy for the couple. No matter how hard it is, we need to let go of the things that are not doing us good. Here are the hints that will tell you if it is the time for you to call it quits.

1. Different plans for the future

When we have our special someone, little by little, we are already planning some things for our future. If our plans just can’t match and what we want are just contradicting each other’s plans, the relationship is not bound to grow into a long lasting one.

2. Nothing is good enough

If you are in a relationship and consistently trying hard to make your partner happy, it is a good thing. What’s not good is if, despite all the things you have done, he or she can always find something wrong with it. It’s like there is nothing you can do that makes your significant other happy because they can always find faults in every action you make. Let go. Never close yourself in a relationship that knows no appreciation.

3. Starts the insecurities

Once we are in a relationship, we would always think that there is someone who will always support us. Our partner should be there no matter what to make sure that we can feel confident with ourselves. It shouldn’t be the other way around whereas they will be the one to cause our insecurities. Here’s an example. You consistently try to work out to look better, and all you can hear from your partner is that you are still fat. It will make you feel down instead of being motivated to do better.

If you are enduring these signs in your current relationship, it’s time to find your way out.