Make Your Lesbian Relationship Work

Some women find that being in a lesbian relationship is one of the hardest things they’ve ever attempted. For others, it’s pretty simple and natural. In reality, if you’ve come out of the closet or are still hiding in that far back corner of it, it doesn’t matter. The basics are still the same as with a relationship between a straight couple.

A lesbian relationship still involves 2 people with 2 different personalities. Lesbians don’t just hold hands or do baking together. Just because you’re a lesbian, it won’t increase or decrease your chances of being hurt, feeling depressed or being affected by affairs.

That’s right; a lesbian relationship is a lot like a straight one. The one thing that’s different is society’s pressure on the gay community overall. Granted, straight couples don’t have to endure that unless they’re biracial. A lesbian relationship has ups and downs, just as a straight one does. These are dealt with similarly.

To begin with, it’s not easy being a lesbian. In fact, there are some countries that even ban gay relationships altogether. In the countries that are more democratic, lesbian couples are still fighting for their rights. So, if you and your partner happen to reside in a country that outlaws a public show of affection between gay couples, don’t push this particular envelope. It’s only going to hurt your feelings when you reach for your lover’s hand and she rejects it. That will cause an issue in the relationship.

Many times when your relationship is still new, it’s easy to forget that you’re not the only ones in love on the planet. You can’t get enough of each other. However, eventually that excessive fire is going to burn out a bit and you’ll feel more comfortable than excited with each other. Keep some of that spark alive or you’ll risk becoming bored in your relationship.

Don’t treat your lover as if she’s your best friend only. Treat her romantically as you would your true love. This keeps the love alive as well as the spark.

You and your girlfriend should not withdraw from society on a whole. Don’t try to make the world believe that lesbians are exclusive. Go out and meet other people of all persuasions. Socialize with straight and bisexual people as well as other lesbians. This adds a bit of newness to the relationship and will also work to keep the excitement alive between the 2 of you. Getting out and having fun together with others goes a long way to keeping the relationship fun.

Last, but not least, you and your partner should both have the freedom to be yourselves. Don’t try to change each other. There was something about her that attracted you to your girlfriend initially, and she to you. Why would you want to change any of that? You each need some space for your own personal life as well. In the end, it doesn’t matter how many more gorgeous women are in the world. You and she have committed to each other and that’s what is important.