Personality Plus: Beauty is Only Skin Deep

Just about everyone is familiar with the old joke about a guy telling his friend that his girlfriend wants to set him up with a friend of hers. The friend asks what the friend of the girlfriend looks like. The guy’s friend says “She’s got a GREAT personality.” His friend looks at him and says “So she’s a dog, huh?” While that’s a very rude and disrespectful joke, it seems to have become the basis that all blind dates are founded upon. So what does that say about someone with a great personality?

There are much fewer physically beautiful people in the world than there are normal, or ordinary, people. That lessens the odds that you’ll actually hook up with one of these physically perfect individuals. However, there are many attractive people in the world that you have a good chance of meeting and having a relationship. A good number of THOSE people are going to have engaging personalities that enhance their physical appearance even more.

Nearly everyone has known a few people at some point in their lives that are plain, and some that are even vastly unattractive. However, they have such amazing energy and personalities that they appear to be much more attractive than they actually are. These people are in high demand by others. People want to be around them, date them, and be involved with them, in any way that will allow them to be in the sphere of these lovely individuals. What is it that makes these people so popular and sought after?

Surprisingly enough, it’s their personalities.

The kind of person that someone IS nearly always means more in the end than what someone LOOKS like. It’s true that beauty really is only skin deep in many cases. Beautiful people don’t always have beautiful personalities. This is something that becomes evident very early upon meeting these people. Vanity isn’t an attractive quality and neither is snobbery.

A lot of beautiful people tend to believe that they should only be around OTHER physically beautiful people. These individuals are actually doing the rest of the world of normal people a huge favor by believing that. This avoids a lot of hurt feelings and insults among those people that are considered ordinary.

Something that is very important in a person is having a great personality. In fact, it’s difficult to fathom how you can truly love someone that’s devoid of humanity, no matter how beautiful they appear on the outside. If these people are ugly on the inside, they’re hideous on the outside. Physical perfection does little to fully hide a horrible personality once you get to know the person.

This is something you really should think about the next time someone tries to set you up on a date with a person with a good personality. No, that person may not be winning any beauty contests, but if they’re good hearted, funny, and smart, you shouldn’t write them off simply because they’re not physically perfect. You may find yourself in love before you know it.