Same Sex Couples and Children

While same sex couples can have all the happiness as straight couples, one thing they usually need to work a bit harder than others at is that of expanding their families with children. Thankfully, the idea that a gay couple should not be around children, let alone have them living in their households, has finally been put to rest for most people. how to make a woman want you Adoption laws have relaxed over the years, allowing a gay couple to now adopt children if they so choose.

If the couple consists of 2 women, it can be a bit easier for them to add a child to their family. Many women will decide to become pregnant through various methods and give birth to a child that will belong to both women. They can conceive through artificial insemination or even choose a man to father their child.

This is a little easier than adoption because the baby will legally belong at least to the woman giving birth. When one partner chooses to carry the baby, some couples ask a male relative of the partner not becoming pregnant if he will donate his sperm. In this way, there truly is part of both partners in the baby.

Male couples are also choosing to become biological parents. It’s a bit trickier but it can still be done. Surrogacy has become a popular option for gay male couples. While there are some definite legal things to consider with this, it can work out to be the perfect way for gay male couples to have their own children.

They can choose to have a friend or relative carry their baby for them or they can go through a professional surrogacy service. This may be the better option because the women chosen to carry the babies have already completed the physical, emotional and mental processes that must be dealt with when offering to be a surrogate. There are fewer risks for legal problems later when things are done this way.

If you and your partner are having issues with finding the right method for adding a child to your union, there are professionals that can offer you the best advice based on your situation. Whether you choose to go with adoption or surrogacy, you need to be confident that you’re going the best route for you and your partner. Surrogacy does offer the option to actually be a genetic part of your child even though you’re not able to carry the baby yourself. When you look at your baby growing up, you’ll be able to see a little of both you and your partner in her or him.

Adoption is something that’s always a viable choice, although a gay or lesbian couple may have the same difficulties with being able to get a baby that straight couples have. That’s because there will never be enough babies to fill the wishes of all the couples that prefer babies. If you can be a bit more flexible on the age and race of your child, there’s every reason to believe that you and your partner will be parents in no time.…

Personality Plus: Beauty is Only Skin Deep

Just about everyone is familiar with the old joke about a guy telling his friend that his girlfriend wants to set him up with a friend of hers. The friend asks what the friend of the girlfriend looks like. The guy’s friend says “She’s got a GREAT personality.” His friend looks at him and says “So she’s a dog, huh?” While that’s a very rude and disrespectful joke, it seems to have become the basis that all blind dates are founded upon. So what does that say about someone with a great personality?

There are much fewer physically beautiful people in the world than there are normal, or ordinary, people. That lessens the odds that you’ll actually hook up with one of these physically perfect individuals. However, there are many attractive people in the world that you have a good chance of meeting and having a relationship. A good number of THOSE people are going to have engaging personalities that enhance their physical appearance even more.

Nearly everyone has known a few people at some point in their lives that are plain, and some that are even vastly unattractive. However, they have such amazing energy and personalities that they appear to be much more attractive than they actually are. These people are in high demand by others. People want to be around them, date them, and be involved with them, in any way that will allow them to be in the sphere of these lovely individuals. What is it that makes these people so popular and sought after?

Surprisingly enough, it’s their personalities.

The kind of person that someone IS nearly always means more in the end than what someone LOOKS like. It’s true that beauty really is only skin deep in many cases. Beautiful people don’t always have beautiful personalities. This is something that becomes evident very early upon meeting these people. Vanity isn’t an attractive quality and neither is snobbery.

A lot of beautiful people tend to believe that they should only be around OTHER physically beautiful people. These individuals are actually doing the rest of the world of normal people a huge favor by believing that. This avoids a lot of hurt feelings and insults among those people that are considered ordinary.

Something that is very important in a person is having a great personality. In fact, it’s difficult to fathom how you can truly love someone that’s devoid of humanity, no matter how beautiful they appear on the outside. If these people are ugly on the inside, they’re hideous on the outside. Physical perfection does little to fully hide a horrible personality once you get to know the person.

This is something you really should think about the next time someone tries to set you up on a date with a person with a good personality. No, that person may not be winning any beauty contests, but if they’re good hearted, funny, and smart, you shouldn’t write them off simply because they’re not physically perfect. You may find yourself in love before you know it.

Past Relationships: Never Regret Anything that Once Made You Smile

When relationships end, many times there are a lot of regrets involved. People spend way too much time feeling sorry for being with someone that, ultimately, disappointed them. They regret all of the “wasted” time spent with someone that wasn’t going to be their “happily ever after” partner.

You’ve probably done this at least once, yourself. Others may have it happen to them ALL the time.   There are so many reasons that you should never waste your time and energy on regrets.

While it may be common to focus on the negative parts of a relationship following a breakup, at some point, you need to recall the good times that happened, too. There HAD to be SOMETHING in the relationship that was good and made you happy at the time. Even those who have had completely dysfunctional relationships can usually come up with at least a handful of instances where things in their relationships approached normalcy and made them smile.

So, even if your relationship didn’t work out quite like you had hoped it would or had planned for it to, there were moments in it that did bring a smile to your face and laughter into your life.

There were most likely instances where your partner surprised you with either small gifts or expensive ones for no other reason than that they loved you. They may have also planned little getaways as a surprise. It may be something as simple as bringing coffee, tea or a full breakfast to you in bed when you wake up.

No relationship is without some moments that warmed your heart and made you feel good. If the relationship was so terrible that it NEVER had any moments like that at all in it, you’re much better to be out of it. In fact, you may want to seek therapy to find out why you would even consider being in a relationship that never once made you happy.

However, getting back to the regrets; there’s nothing to feel bad about if you thought that you were with someone that truly loved you and was being honest with you. If it turned out that this person was a liar and a cheater or whatever else, that has nothing to do with you and your intentions within the relationship. You were in it for all the right reasons and that’s all you have to answer for. What someone else did or did not do is not in your control.

Therefore, when you look back on past relationships, search for the moments that brought some happiness to you. While you certainly shouldn’t dwell on the past, it’s perfectly ok to hold those moments of joy close to your heart and remember why you were ever in that relationship. Just never allow yourself to regret anything that once made you smile because that wasn’t a bad moment. It was sweet and it was good, and is something to be recalled with a smile in the present.…

Make Your Lesbian Relationship Work

Some women find that being in a lesbian relationship is one of the hardest things they’ve ever attempted. For others, it’s pretty simple and natural. In reality, if you’ve come out of the closet or are still hiding in that far back corner of it, it doesn’t matter. The basics are still the same as with a relationship between a straight couple.

A lesbian relationship still involves 2 people with 2 different personalities. Lesbians don’t just hold hands or do baking together. Just because you’re a lesbian, it won’t increase or decrease your chances of being hurt, feeling depressed or being affected by affairs.

That’s right; a lesbian relationship is a lot like a straight one. The one thing that’s different is society’s pressure on the gay community overall. Granted, straight couples don’t have to endure that unless they’re biracial. A lesbian relationship has ups and downs, just as a straight one does. These are dealt with similarly.

To begin with, it’s not easy being a lesbian. In fact, there are some countries that even ban gay relationships altogether. In the countries that are more democratic, lesbian couples are still fighting for their rights. So, if you and your partner happen to reside in a country that outlaws a public show of affection between gay couples, don’t push this particular envelope. It’s only going to hurt your feelings when you reach for your lover’s hand and she rejects it. That will cause an issue in the relationship.

Many times when your relationship is still new, it’s easy to forget that you’re not the only ones in love on the planet. You can’t get enough of each other. However, eventually that excessive fire is going to burn out a bit and you’ll feel more comfortable than excited with each other. Keep some of that spark alive or you’ll risk becoming bored in your relationship.

Don’t treat your lover as if she’s your best friend only. Treat her romantically as you would your true love. This keeps the love alive as well as the spark.

You and your girlfriend should not withdraw from society on a whole. Don’t try to make the world believe that lesbians are exclusive. Go out and meet other people of all persuasions. Socialize with straight and bisexual people as well as other lesbians. This adds a bit of newness to the relationship and will also work to keep the excitement alive between the 2 of you. Getting out and having fun together with others goes a long way to keeping the relationship fun.

Last, but not least, you and your partner should both have the freedom to be yourselves. Don’t try to change each other. There was something about her that attracted you to your girlfriend initially, and she to you. Why would you want to change any of that? You each need some space for your own personal life as well. In the end, it doesn’t matter how many more gorgeous women are in the world. You and she have committed to each other and that’s what is important.…

Is It Love? Or Lust?

When you get involved with someone it is often hard to tell in the beginning if you are infatuated with them or if you are in fact falling in love with them. One reason this is so difficult to discern is because many of the signs of love and infatuation are pretty close to the same. It is not until some time has passed that you can really tell the difference and by then it is often too late to do much about it.

When you first meet a person you may feel drawn to that person. This is often defined as being attracted to someone. The more you talk to this person the more drawn you feel making you want to spend more time with them. The more time you spend together the stronger this connection becomes. This is where you have to be careful because things can get kind of confusing at this point.

At this point you may find that you have trouble going to sleep at night or you are not really interested in eating much. For that matter very few things interest you if they do not involve the person that you have suddenly found yourself so attracted to. While this is technically referred to as being lovesick this does not necessarily mean that you are in love.

When you reach this stage you often find yourself jumping when the phone rings hoping it is your ‘other half’ and feeling huge disappointment when you discover that it isn’t. This is fairly normal in new relationships and doesn’t really give you a definitive answer either way on whether it is love or lust.

During this time you find yourself forever checking your appearance making sure everything is perfect when you know you are going to see this other person. When you are at this stage of a relationship you think everything about each other is perfect and the conversation never stops. You never get tired of spending time together and find that you just can’t seem to keep your hands to yourselves.

Even at this point it is often difficult to tell the difference between true love and lust. But after a couple of months the answers begin to become a little clearer. It is at this time that the ‘newness’ begins to wear off of the relationship. You begin to notice that you can tolerate being apart more than before. This does not necessarily mean that you are not in love but it does mean that the relationship is not as intense as it was in the beginning.

Now is when you will start to be able to tell the difference between love and lust. If your relationship has progressed to this point yet you still want to spend time with each other this is a good sign that it might be more than just a fleeting infatuation. The important thing is that you allow the relationship to get to this point before getting carried away to the point that you are already making wedding plans. Don’t rush it, and let the relationship flourish naturally before you make any long term commitments.


The 3 things that will tell you if your boyfriend is lying

The painful part of being in a relationship is you are feeling that your boyfriend is lying to your face. The pain will reach your heart, and you will not be able to stop yourself from finding out the truth. It’s like a potion that will keep all your senses on high alert just to get the truth out of him. Here’s a little help. Check out the things that will tell you if your boyfriend is lying or probably cheating on you.

1. Warm Nose

Of course, it will be hard to check most especially if you are not in good terms. The best thing that you can do is try to believe in what he says. Once it has been established, give him a hug and kiss. Just make sure that your face can touch the tip of his nose so you would know if it is getting warm.

2. Wrap that leg

It is an automatic defense mechanism of the body when men lie. Unconsciously, they will somehow wrap their legs around the foot of the chair if you are trying to confront them and they are lying. Just make sure that it is not his usual mannerism so you can check if he is not telling you the truth.

3. Long Pause

When men lie, and you ask them a straight up question, they have the tendency to pause before answering. What’s worse is they also try to repeat your question before answering. It is an indication that they are still trying to stitch their lies on the back of their minds before they say it.

Before doing any of these three, assess how you feel. Ask yourself if you are feeling that there is something off that is giving you a hunch that he’s lying. Trust your guts because women intuition seldom fails.

The 3 signs if it’s the time to let go of the relationship

The hardest thing to do when you are in love is to let go. There are different circumstances why we do it. Maybe we are not just meant for each other, or there is a possibility that the relationship is no longer healthy for the couple. No matter how hard it is, we need to let go of the things that are not doing us good. Here are the hints that will tell you if it is the time for you to call it quits.

1. Different plans for the future

When we have our special someone, little by little, we are already planning some things for our future. If our plans just can’t match and what we want are just contradicting each other’s plans, the relationship is not bound to grow into a long lasting one.

2. Nothing is good enough

If you are in a relationship and consistently trying hard to make your partner happy, it is a good thing. What’s not good is if, despite all the things you have done, he or she can always find something wrong with it. It’s like there is nothing you can do that makes your significant other happy because they can always find faults in every action you make. Let go. Never close yourself in a relationship that knows no appreciation.

3. Starts the insecurities

Once we are in a relationship, we would always think that there is someone who will always support us. Our partner should be there no matter what to make sure that we can feel confident with ourselves. It shouldn’t be the other way around whereas they will be the one to cause our insecurities. Here’s an example. You consistently try to work out to look better, and all you can hear from your partner is that you are still fat. It will make you feel down instead of being motivated to do better.

If you are enduring these signs in your current relationship, it’s time to find your way out.…

The 3 effective ways to make a long distance relationship work

Being in a relationship is fun but challenging. It’s because there will be a lot of trials that will come our way. It will test us and the kind of love we have for each other. One of the most stressful situations you can be in is with a long distance relationship. I’m not saying that it will not work it’s just that the level of difficulty will be double compared to couples who are together. It’s not impossible to make things work out even if you are not at each other’s side. Check these effective ways on how you can make a long distance relationship work.

1. Refrain from too much communication

All things that are too much are bad. Yes, you are apart, but it doesn’t mean that you have to be in constant contact 24/7. It will just make you both tired and wary of each other. There should always be some time for you to miss one another.

2. Straighten things out

It is necessary to know where you stand if you are in a long distance relationship. Talk things over and make sure that you know if you are exclusive to each other or is alright for the both of you to go out on dates. A relationship with no label is not a good way to have a successful long distance affair.

3. Right Communication

It is true that we should not smother one another by talking non-stop, but it is important for a couple to have means of communication on a regular basis. The basic things you should send are the greetings. Sending a good morning message as soon as you wake up will send a message that he or she is the first person you think about.

Individuals who are strong enough to get through a long distance relationship are bound to have a more long and lasting relationship. It’s not easy, and it will take a lot of courage from the both of you to stay strong.